Public joint stock company “Strij press-forging plant factory” is the Ukrainian leading enterprise with 35-years experience on the market of crank plate and sheet-will shears producers. During decades the factory provide the third part of soviet union requirements in plate and sheet-will shears, guillotine shears. Nowadays the company exports its production in 52 countries.

For today Public joint stock company “Strij forge-press equipment factory” is one of the most known machine-tool constructing enterprises of Ukraine. The factory makes as the modernized variants well proved during long-term operation of shears, and the newest models meeting the requirements of the consumer

The company produces a wide variety of output with various parameters shearing sheet materials so as custom-made models.

Production with mark of Public joint stock companyStrij forge-press equipment factory” is successfully maintained at many enterprises of Ukraine, the countries of commonwealth and abroad.

Guillotine shears are intended for cutting sheet metal and other sheet materials by thickness up to 6,3 mm. And width up to 3150 mm. And high accuracy of cut off preparations.

Guillotine shears are issued in two executions{performances}: with manual and automatic adjustment of a backlash between knifes which is necessary for cutting the set thickness of metal; the manual and mechanized back emphasis intended for installation of cut sheet metal for the necessary size of preparation, a detail.

Plate and sheet-mill shears, guillotine shears can be used as at the enterprises with a great volume cutting sheet metal with different thickness and different standard sizes, and in small metalwork and automobile repair shops.

crank shears, released by our factory, favourably differ from scissors with a hydraulic drive and scissors with rigid muff inclusions (mechanical) greater productivity and accuracy of carried out works, simplicity in operation and repair, reliability of units and details of scissors that does{makes} scissors of our manufacture popular among consumers.

All shears of a series "НД" and "НК", are unpretentious to climatic conditions and an ambient temperature.. Both the system of greasing, and an electric equipment allow to use them in conditions of low temperatures that is impossible at work on hydraulic scissors.

The warranty service for serial machine is 18 month.
Service is given for the period guarantee and after guarantee term.